Towering, it stands, ever green and endearing
At a spot, least frosty, yet the most fertile
It’s trunk, a thick turgidity, very imposing
A bark as scarred, seeming rigidity, a shy hostle
This’ more than just a black giant tree

The branches spread beyond the bordering seas
The roots sprawl out, too many for a count
Entangled on the surface, very bare and vulnerable
Unable to launch deep, just a tad of firmness
Sitting idly, weary of a hidden greatness

A great habitat to the crows, where they perch
A transit home to the Pica-pica, though they chirp
They pester the flourishing petals in one quick peck
Obliterating the yields to a shrivelled chaff
Yet, it sprouts best; for the birds’ long beaks

The biggish body bows lazily to a flimsy blow
The pelvis palpitates, pulling with an easy push
The fruits fall softly, only for the rodent’s savoury
The leaves, a lavish banquet for the locust loot
A perfect oasis, giving succour at no symbiosis

A day has come, the whirlwind to happen
In a whoosh rush, the erosions wash the fortunes
The tree is stripped, the seeds unleavened
A season of sort, when push comes to shove
Then the black giant tree must dare to thrust deep its roots.

Published by Mr. Mike

An Academic. Content/Creative Writer. Information Literacy Consultant. Fashion Designer/Enthusiast.

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