30 years ago, this day came with some fever;

Soothing fever of undiluted excitement.

The next day would be “Independa”

We would be going to Obiozara.

Today, we beamed with such feelings of flimsy excitements, infectious as that which was to be compared only to what was felt on the eves of two other dates; Christmas and Children’s day.

We ran errands boisterously and did chores with ease, performing much more than was required of us.

I really can’t say how much of such is lost to the newer generation.

Our patriotism may have waned significantly, rubbing off on these innocent little ones.

How much things have fallen apart.

Then I try to imagine 60 years ago.

Imagine how Pa Zik, Tafa and Awo et al must have felt on this day.
Their agbada having been ironed to razor sharp, their best shoes burnished, glistening, all in wait for the next day, the big day.

The endless meetings and calls to ensure readiness.

Parades rehearsed to perfection. Flags hoisted, sound men testing the microphone; testing, testing.

The buzz and booze around town; freedom was finally coming home.

I believe the nationalists must have felt unsure of the realities too; a pang of fear of the unknown, the uncertainties that lay ahead of the D-Day – October 1st, 1960.

Could this finally be true? All the struggles. All the years?

And I imagine their loft dreams for the years ahead, the years we now live, the supposed life of eternal freedom.

The new country, they must have envisioned to be the next Eldorado, a land that would flow with milk and honey.

Had those men been gifted with just a blink of clairvoyance, had prescience given them a sneaky glimpse of the events of the days to follow; the pogroms, the coups, the bloody war, the endless lies, the hates, the bigotry, the nepotism, tribalism, imperialism, and all the zim-zim that have characterised our existence.

Had they seen their tomorrow, our today.

What a waste!

Please who knows if the parade holds at Isu tomorrow? I’d love to attend.

I love this country, for real.


Towering, it stands, ever green and endearing
At a spot, least frosty, yet the most fertile
It’s trunk, a thick turgidity, very imposing
A bark as scarred, seeming rigidity, a shy hostle
This’ more than just a black giant tree

The branches spread beyond the bordering seas
The roots sprawl out, too many for a count
Entangled on the surface, very bare and vulnerable
Unable to launch deep, just a tad of firmness
Sitting idly, weary of a hidden greatness

A great habitat to the crows, where they perch
A transit home to the Pica-pica, though they chirp
They pester the flourishing petals in one quick peck
Obliterating the yields to a shrivelled chaff
Yet, it sprouts best; for the birds’ long beaks

The biggish body bows lazily to a flimsy blow
The pelvis palpitates, pulling with an easy push
The fruits fall softly, only for the rodent’s savoury
The leaves, a lavish banquet for the locust loot
A perfect oasis, giving succour at no symbiosis

A day has come, the whirlwind to happen
In a whoosh rush, the erosions wash the fortunes
The tree is stripped, the seeds unleavened
A season of sort, when push comes to shove
Then the black giant tree must dare to thrust deep its roots.


Caramel is the flavouring body tone
Craggy, the suiting frame of bones
A body, built to a total haughtiness
The brood, a suppressed calmness
Yet, I Can’t Breathe

Born to the frailties of a severe horror
A life cramped to a mere burrow
Creeping in and out of life sorrows
My survival, a cliff too narrow
Which is why I Can’t Breathe

One step I take to make my ends meet
Several others they take to meet my end
One day is to the serendipity of a grimy blue collar
The next, I’m subjugated to a grubby orange coverall
The reason, I Can’t Breathe

Today, my body is finally pinned stiff
Pinned under the cupidity of his rapacious strip
His studded knee to my neck, crushing my feeble furrows
All I can, is beg for a sniff of air to borrow
Oh Momma! I Can’t Breathe

The last I saw were men on a blue
They watched in a glare as my eyes turned blue
A life in one stare, snuffed out in a rush of defeat
My life is shredded like that note of a counterfeit
It’s done, I Can’t Breathe

Rest in Peace, GEORGE FLOYD


Is SATAN making a return to EARTH?
…even when we all thought it has been completely defeated.

The Satan ransomeware which was thought to have been thrown back to the pit of hell was one of the most creepy malware ever.

Satan had gained its ugly reputation for being the first ransomeware-as-a-service scheme in early 2017. As a ruthless , self-spreading threat, Satan could encrypt all files once an infected window system is opened and then would demand a ransome for the decryption tools.

It was evil. Satan was indeed satanic.

This is why its disappearance some months back came with a huge celebration, but a similar malware (5ss5c) seems to have resurfaced bearing all the code characteristics of Satan.

Apparently, it does appear that the men of the “Dark Web” world are not sleeping at all.

So, we all must be careful while we “click”, because these threats are mostly found in spam mails and corrupted advertisements that trick computer users into downloading them.
Also, endeavour to protect your PCs with Anti-malware software (Antivirus) at all times.
Mr. Mike

World Diabetes Day

The 14th day of November has been designated, the World Diabetes Day. It is a day for global awareness on the disease commonly called, diabetes.

Diabetes Mellitus is a disorder that results in high glucose (too much sugar in the body) which is said to be the 7th cause of human death. It is that deadly.

Some scientists think diabetes diseases are mostly caused by gene, lifestyle, and environmental factors such as virus.

Diabetes diseases are of different types. They are:

Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, Prediabetes and gestational diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is the most common but, is treatable. It is actually responsible for about 90 percent of diabetes cases in the world.

In Nigeria, there are more than 1.5 million cases of Type 2 diabetes each year; it is really common. It’s known symptoms are blurred vision, frequent urination, increased thirst, hunger, fatigue, sudden weight loss, etc.

In some cases, the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes don’t manifest on time. For this reason, a healthy living has become inevitable.

We must learn to go for constant medical checks; early diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes can lead to treatment. Also, regular exercise has been found to be capable of keeping us away from the sick bed, make it a lifestyle. However, if you have been diagnosed with the disease, please quit smoking, take diabetic diet, and please see your doctor regularly for anti-diabetic medication. Do not self-medicate.

May God bless us with good health.


There may never be a style as fashionable as a beam of brightly lit Smile. Trust me, just a smile.

As simple as it sounds, the smile has become an age-long proven style that makes us stand out.

When you learn to wear your smile like a fine silky robe, it begets a brightness that certainly becomes your indelible apparel. You just begin to glow.

The truth is, happiness has always been the most breathable fashion you can ever find. Yet, it’s free.

Absolutely free, but, valuable.

I’ve chosen to wear mine all day long; mostly pairing it with my faves

– my collection of Vintage (cotton and silk Chiffon) shirts.

Wear yours as you so choose.

#choosetosmile #choosehappiness

A Fashion Story pt2.

Take a look at this design. The breast pocket sure looks like something.

As a child, maybe in my 4th grade, I almost drowned. I fell into a stream but, was rescued by a herder. I dare not imagine the amount of tadpoles I must have consumed, lol.

The memory came flooding a couple of weeks ago.

As I reflected on the images of those tadpoles and fingerlings that were just living their normal lives while I struggled for life at the bottom of that stream, I became even more awed by God’s creative powers.

That incidence inspired this particular design. I often create from a variety of the things I encounter on daily basis; and most times, they come spontaneously.

A Fashion Story

Andre 3000, was the fashion sensation of my teenage years. He was once voted the most sexy vegetarian in the world. He exuded style which established him as the best trendsetter in hip hop.

Andre’s was not just about the clothes, but the expressions his outfits brought. He’d go from hippie to casual and all the way to corporate wears, and/or a combination of all; incredibly pushing boundaries each time he stepped out. He really kept mesmerising our minds with those unthinkable assemblages.

I got hugely attached to this Outkast guy, so much that a friend once asked, “what do you even see in this guy’s dressing? He wears rubish. ” But I saw a whole lot in Andre’s “rubbish”. I saw a man who created something out of nothing. Andre always stood out; he consistently pushed through the walls of fashion, and I found that very inspiring.

I often wonder if there is ever a better way to tell our true stories if not through our styles. Andre Lauren Benjamin (Andre 3000) told us his story through fashion. From his head wears to every other piece he adorned; he always made a statement.

Meanwhile, it seems Ebuka is doing just about that at the moment. Chukwuebuka Obi-Uchendu is fast becoming the fashion icon of our time. Week in week out, Ebuka supplies the minds of Nigerian fashion designers with new palatable ideas to build on. It’s true that he may not be the brain behind the designs, but you must be extremely good for him to rock any of your designs. So, he’s becoming the force; the purveyor of our creative story.

Do you really think Ebuka is telling any story at all?

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

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